Church of San Niccolò al Carmine

Devotion to the Virgin

Mary, with her Son Jesus Christ, holds an important place not only in the history of man’s salvation, but also in the spiritual life of every Christian.
Even the church of San Niccolò al Carmine displays clear devotional references the Blessed Virgin Mary, starting from what remains of the frescoes that probably decorated, perhaps entirely, the walls of the nave. The oldest, dating back to the late '200s and early '300s, is visible high on the right wall revealing a glimpse of an Enthroned Virgin and Child. Further on, always on the right, there are another two other fragments depicting the Annunciate Virgin (second half of the fourteenth century) and another Virgin and Child (early fifteenth century). In the church there are a number of works that also refer to Mary and to episodes of her life.
  • Virgin and Child, early XVth century.
  • Annunciate Virgin, second half of the XIVth century.