The Co-cathedral of the SS. Salvatore in Montalcino


Welcome to the Co-cathedral of the Santissimo Salvatore, rising majestically and imposingly on the highest point of the old town of Montalcino. Climbing the wide stairs of Costa Spagni, you have completed a spiritually elevating journey, drawing near to the spot where Heaven and Earth meet.
Even today this monumental building is the seat of the Montalcino town identity and the place where the most important moments of faith are celebrated. Here stands the throne (cathedra) of the bishop, successor to the Apostles, who has the task of leading the faithful by transmitting the teachings of Christ. From the Middle Ages the church of the Santissimo Salvatore was one of the most important in the territory, so much so that Pope Pius II granted it the status of cathedral in 1462. Its current appearance is due to rebuilding in the nineteenth century, directed by one of the most important architects in Siena at the time, Agostino Fantastici, who designed it according to the canons of the neoclassical style. Inside, besides the monumental high altar, liturgical focus of the whole church, you can admire the painting of The Immaculate Conception by Francesco Vanni, a late sixteenth-century masterpiece, and the chapel of the baptismal font, containing the Romanesque remnants of the ancient medieval church.

Enjoy your visit!

  • Co-cathedrale of the SS. Salvatore, view of the exterior.
  • Co-cathedrale of the SS. Salvatore, view of the interior.