The Way of the Cathedrals
Tuscany is the land where the urban civilization that characterized the late Middle Ages was particularly rich and flourishing. An essential element for constituting a city was the presence of a bishop, who as successor to the Apostles was the head of the Christian community.
The current Archdiocese of Siena – Colle di Val d’Elsa – Montalcino was created in 1986 from the fusion of these three dioceses: three cities and three communities with complex, different histories which, even though coming together to form one sole entity, have maintained their own special characteristics.
The three Cathedrals, the site where the bishop exercises his prerogatives of teaching, sanctifying, and governing the people, represent the heart of these ancient cities; a visit to them is an opportunity to discover the territory that is their home, rich in art, culture, civilization, natural beauty, and excellent food and wine.