The way of Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine of Siena has always exercised, even while she was still alive, an irresistible charm on the people who encountered her.

Her energy, passionate love, understanding, wisdom, attention to the needs of the poor and the sick, joy and deep peace attracted men and women to follow her, to pursue her same steps, the same path that had enabled her to live with such intensity.

Catherine’s passage left an indelible mark on the very stones of the city of Siena, its streets and buildings, so that today we are able to follow in her footsteps, whether in the physical or the spiritual sense.

Even though a virgin and consecrated to God, Catherine participated fully in the life of the society of her time; therefore, she is also an excellent guide for entering into the spirit, the splendor, the culture, the power, the joys and the pains of fourteenth-century Siena, at the time one of the foremost cities of Europe.

So, whether you are a fellow Sienese, a pilgrim, or a tourist, enjoy your journey!